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  1. Nerdy husky

    am I the only one who doesn't take a selfie or a picture in general

  2. Yellow Comet

    Everyone stalks everyone

  3. Yellow Comet

    Mirror phone, what's so bad about that? Woman can always admit that.

  4. Afia Akter Khanam

    wat about a million dislikes?

  5. Hazel Skywalker

    this sounds like some shit they get from movies

  6. Random_Stuff13

    Using phones as mirrors is no secret lol. Almost every girl (at my school at least) who wants to touch up makeup or something will whip out their phone, myself included

  7. Sam Sung

    Women spend so much time on petty, vapid, superficial garbage. No wonder so many men are just rejecting relationships with women completely.

  8. Mountain MGTOW

    This list does not apply to sociopathic women. 50% of women are sociopaths that are incapable of genuine emotion.

    Also, one thing omitted from this list was that EVERY girl masturbates. Try and get them to admit it, I dare you.

  9. Marcquez Parker

    The people who call this sexist and dislike it are Sore Losers. This is mostly true.(Girls who dislike the video.)

  10. Emilie Brooks

    I don't cry over cheesy romantic comedies. I don't even watch them. I only cry over serious emotional movies.

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