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  1. poopleman krumpet

    You mispronounced money.

  2. BonnieBunny89009

    Honestly, all the guys I've liked in the past were short. Only one guy I liked was taller than me.

  3. Deejy Ossy

    Well better go to my dentist and fix my teeth xD

  4. zombiekilla234

    Fuck Her Right In The Pussy

  5. zombiekilla234

    Fuck Her Right In The Pussy

  6. Lillian Gamer YT And More

    No -.- am a girl and I don't think this

  7. ScientistCat

    Yess thank you, now I know all that's necessary to keep those nasty girls off of me while I look for a boyfriend.

  8. Joe Embleton

    FUCK im 5, 3 im scewed

  9. Jennity

    I prefer guys with like
    A black fringe
    And like, blue eyes
    And like, named "Phil Lester"

  10. Miller Riddell

    Anyone know by what age you should have been in at least one relationship?

  11. MSDLF

    I bet ur gonna try all these things on your crush.

  12. Doogle McBerry

    Now let's make a video asking normal women, not women in the fashion industry.

  13. Miller Riddell

    good advice, but there is no hope for the ugly like myself lol

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