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Art is the most beautiful of all lies

  1. poopleman krumpet says:

    You mispronounced money.

  2. BonnieBunny89009 says:

    Honestly, all the guys I've liked in the past were short. Only one guy I liked was taller than me.

  3. Deejy Ossy says:

    Well better go to my dentist and fix my teeth xD

  4. zombiekilla234 says:

    Fuck Her Right In The Pussy

  5. zombiekilla234 says:

    Fuck Her Right In The Pussy

  6. Matthew Oates says:

    4:43 so true tho

  7. Lillian Gamer YT And More says:

    No -.- am a girl and I don't think this

  8. ScientistCat says:

    Yess thank you, now I know all that's necessary to keep those nasty girls off of me while I look for a boyfriend.

  9. Joe Embleton says:

    FUCK im 5, 3 im scewed

  10. Jennity says:

    I prefer guys with like
    A black fringe
    And like, blue eyes
    And like, named "Phil Lester"

  11. Miller Riddell says:

    Anyone know by what age you should have been in at least one relationship?

  12. MSDLF says:

    I bet ur gonna try all these things on your crush.

  13. Doogle McBerry says:

    Now let's make a video asking normal women, not women in the fashion industry.

  14. Miller Riddell says:

    good advice, but there is no hope for the ugly like myself lol

  15. Bobby Jacky says:

    Cough cough abs!

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