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  1. Braden Bignell

    I can tigle my self

  2. 420 Romantic

    I can do a few but the one that confuses me is tickling myself because the sole of my foot is EXTREMELY ticklish and I can do it with just one finger…

  3. jovie anne De Los Santos

    omg i can actually raise my ring finger while the middle finger is tucked in and have a long tongue

  4. Savanna Steen

    thanks for the video

  5. Kyrt Eric Gamer Bayose

    I can do the three curl tongue

  6. Liana Martinez

    I can raise my eyebrow, do the tongue trick, lick my elbow.wiggle my ears and that's all

  7. Quentin Stuart

    i can do the multitasking one the tongue rolling one and the paralyzed finger thing

  8. Indiya Bradley

    I can roll my toungue

  9. Indiya Bradley

    I can wiggle my ears tooooo

  10. Indiya Bradley

    I can do the eyebrow raising

  11. Vanana _35

    I can move my ring finger….

  12. Chloe A

    I can do both to Unger tricks

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