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Art is the most beautiful of all lies

  1. Gabi Morfin says:

    Sister, nephew, and I have the ear hole thing

  2. JUBSReppingbra says:

    lack of sleep that might be me since i go to bed at 1 in the morning wake up at 7 go to school and never complain about needing sleep while other people do its weird

  3. Carla Bezuidenhout says:

    I was born with red hair and not my mom or dad has red hair

  4. Bikerace Riot says:

    I was born able too wiggle my ears

  5. Caleb My Dear says:

    Me and my elder sis have that kind of ear holes

  6. BoLT YT says:

    i have green eyes

  7. Michelle Salvador says:

    i was born with the ear holes and got infected about 2 times

  8. Michelle Kacala says:

    my son has ear holes i knew he was special

  9. Hoan Lee says:

    i got ear-hole on one side only. :)

  10. Alpha_Goku HD says:

    I was born able to wriggle my ears and I have an ear hole and I live in america

  11. DjSpø0kyJim says:

    3:49 is that Hayley Williams???

  12. geo a.m says:

    i can wiggle my ears and move my eyebrows independently

  13. Red Plays says:

    OMG! My 2 Classmates have hole in there ear

  14. Velvet Gaming_21 says:

    I can wiggle my ears, nose and eyebrows, can actually survive without sleeping (my longest time without sleeping is 1 month and a half, and I have green eyes… Am I rare!?!?!?

  15. jerome mariano says:

    the red hair is called red hed

  16. i_like_ memes says:

    yay i have green eyes i didn't know i was unique. but mine are gold around that ring

  17. i_like_ memes says:

    all my aunts have red hair and i have brown redisch hair it's weird

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