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  1. Jett McGrath

    None of these were ever backed by science.

  2. stepall122

    Get your facts right, the great wall of china is not visible from space

  3. Rich Greiner

    Top 10 myths we were taught is what this should be called, but still fun.

  4. Plain Cruel

    "If you tell people that there is a invisible man in the sky that created everything the majority of people will believe you. If you tell them the paint is wet they have to touch it to believe you"

  5. WarwickkkT101

    That lightning one was just bull, and stop saying "never strikes twice"

  6. melichi 2005

    But the good and maybe only good thing about alcohol is that it kills poison

  7. Cale Nard

    The Richest is the best top ten producers on YouTube

  8. samuel alem

    where is the ' earth is actually flat and not spherical' correction

  9. Nitro

    3:56 She says disgusting, but subtitle says disturbing ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
    4:30 She says much more but subtle says more ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

  10. Slammin Salmon

    Actually misread that as "swallowing cum" and thought "oh this is going to be a riot"

  11. predatorial beast

    i realized that teeth are white not yellow

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