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  1. Romeo Balane

    can i have many like for my birthday and sub to if you what

  2. Nida Anjum

    why they repeat d same video again n again

  3. Natalie Hall

    what was the backpack one suppose to accomplish? never getting in your bag?

  4. Helanio

    Use a cable tie to tie up cables? It'll never catch on.

  5. Alyson Boyle

    You dont need yarn for a soapy ring. It comes off with just soap

  6. Gamer and match attax Openings

    Can I get 50 subscriber with only 4 video it will make my day

  7. Simply Ella

    Can I get 11 likes for my 11th birthday today?

  8. abrixtonboy

    The one with the ring was not so but l will keep on looking

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