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  1. Blu Colour

    This didn't explain how to deal with camel toe at all… As a female, I can guarantee that even clothes that fit right will show it off. This video was literally useless?? Who hasn't heard of these already? Also, wait, how should I fold my clothes????

  2. Twenty øne Chemical Crybaby's at the Discø

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    you came for the thumbnail
    didn't you??

  3. joulian alhassani

    The camel toe is in the last of the video. Thank me later

  4. Buju Agar

    if im alive at 14 years old, that means im breathing correctly

  5. Gtaz :D

    yo girl we dont want u to hid the camel thing

  6. Some things someone

    Now you're telling me that I've been breathing wrong my whole life.

  7. Abby Mihelic

    band kids should all know how to breathe right xD

  8. II Whoaa II

    Did you really just show how to scribble words?

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