84 Lumber changes controversial Super Bowl ad

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12 thoughts on “84 Lumber changes controversial Super Bowl ad

  1. Where in this entire commercial does it say they were coming here legally? they weren't or they could go thru cutoms without any problems

  2. What makes these people think the USA is open to everyone in the world. Ridiculous. When you offer free "care" then who wouldn't want to come to places where you can be sustained without hardship.

  3. Maggie Hardy Magerko should be imprisoned for showing the world her disdain for the rule of law and by extension, the US Constitution. She's not worthy of US citizenship.

  4. I thinik this ad says that 84 lumber doesn't believe in locking doors. Yay! I'm going to 84 Lumber tonite…. but of course, after everyone has gone home. Idiots.

  5. Yes, my ancestors were IMMIGRANTS to the United States of America. They all came LEGALLY and were vetted through places like New York City and Baltimore.

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