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  1. Nick debenedetto

    i don't remember him going "wuh" in between her saying "go like this" n "im going to show u something amazing". n i spent an hour watching this on repeat at 1 point.

  2. wideopenthrottl

    Love that adorable laugh there at the end.

  3. jewsaregreat23

    This is part of the 101 course on understanding the trope of the "Jewish Seductress". The flipside of the "shiksa" meme. The psychological complexity and intensity of these people is staggering.

  4. john handsome

    Israeli scam artist ASMR when?

  5. Lukáš Jirsa

    ou my, give her a pay rise please, this one deserves it

  6. Molly

    I keep coming back to this video I don't know why I'm just drawn to it

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