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  1. LPToday

    anyone know the name of the Outro song?

  2. Raphael Care'

    non c'e' la faccio piu' … staro' tutta la mattina qui in @rai a vederlo ed impararlo a memoria JIMMY !!!

  3. Karl Fernandez-Cao

    This was fucking incredible. Thanks for the monologue.

  4. 05Yohn

    "Jimmy is very low-energy. Terrible."

  5. melirose89

    I'm so glad you guys are uploading monologues again!

  6. Anna Banana

    Finally the monologue is back! Had me laughing after a long night at work,hopefully back to stay!?

  7. NinjaOnANinja

    They want stupid people to run the joint so they can be manipulated and exploited. trump being one of them.

  8. Aosc2

    THANK you for beginning to upload Jimmy's monologue again. These are such a fun way to get the news.

  9. garaion

    This actually passes as "funny" in the US… i guess these public schools are doing a great job…

  10. Matthew Palfreyman

    Yes, more monologues from Jimmy please!

  11. Khanh Nguyen

    is this guy still on the air? colbert is way funnier!

  12. Jack Humphrey

    I just heard One Week by Barebacked Ladies today!

  13. boreduser12

    Higgins was so quick there. Geez. He's always good at sexual genital innuendos. But this time he came in quick three times.

  14. Jo Lear

    This is just as embarrassing as Trump himself. I'm a Uni professor and this disgusts me. Fill the swamp people!!

  15. Ibrahim Usman

    Please be posting more monologues!!! We need to see quality Comedy again!!!!

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