Billionaire Heiress Confirmed as Education Secretary: But… Why?

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19 thoughts on “Billionaire Heiress Confirmed as Education Secretary: But… Why?

  1. Who needs education? President Bannon will soon start a war where all the young kids will have to go fight his war for him. So hell with the education. Devos gave the GOP $8.3 million so she's the secretary of education. I should've given them $83 million so I can be in charge of the IRS and the nukes.

  2. The US are so screwed it's not even funny any more. Now religious freaks and extreme capitalists completely control indoctrination .. formerly known as the educational system.

  3. Spot on reporting! This is so obviously a case of Trump saying "Fuck education: give me 200 million and do whatever you want." It helps him pay off part of his debt and gets him more in favour with his obnoxious, toxic billionaire buddies. He is such an uneducated and ineducable person himself, someone who doesn't care about reading or books and has a severely limited vocabulary and low IQ – why would education be one of his priorities? DeVos has never taught and has no education qualifications.

  4. Huffpo reporting for TYT?! Questionable. At least Democrats grew a pair and didnt vote for her.

  5. The people made it clear we did not want her ! I guess we the people do not count! Look how this went down!This is so unconstitutional!We say nay! trump say aye! This is the beginning of what we can look forward to!. I would not be surprised and am very fearful of but for him to try and change our constitution of America!

  6. I thought we have had enough entertainment from Trump inauguration. Time to get back to business. But here comes another clown show.

  7. Why does Betsy DeVos want to be education secretary. She's got enough money for many lifetimes. Neither DeVos or her children have to use public schools, so what difference would it make to her?

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