Colecovision Store Display! Trade-N-Games Kiosk Collection

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7 thoughts on “Colecovision Store Display! Trade-N-Games Kiosk Collection

  1. I remember the CV kiosks back in the day but did it not have a way to change games or select games through a selector of some kind?

  2. Burgertime on Coleco was the best, I'll have to come to your store soon sir. Mecca for a child of the 80s

  3. Oh man. I totally remember seeing that kiosk at K-Mart back in the day. I would've been around 5 or 6. The ColecoVision was the first console we owned. I remember playing it constantly on my parents' 13" black and white TV set which sat in their bedroom. lol Those were the days.

  4. Thanks for the great video – awesome to see one of these units in more detail and in such good condition. How about sharing some some photos of the posters either side of the TV screen?

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