12 thoughts on “Controlling My Anger!!!!

  1. Yah! I don't really like the thin mints, but my favorite kind is the chocolate coconut caramel. It's crazy how many people like thin mints!

  2. In French, « ce matin » means "this morning" and « ce nuit » means "this night" or "to night. « ce » means "this."

  3. I put both peanut butter and jelly on both sides of the bread to give myself extra flavouring… please dont judge

  4. I don't sleep with a pillow between my legs, but I do sleep with a pillow under my belly. I'm fat and I started sleeping with a pillow there after stomach surgery when I still had drainage tubes while in the hospital. It stuck, and it's 16 years later.

    "This evening" tends to be the more common way of talking about night, more with a connotations of early night, as in the post-dusk to midnight area of night, as in the part of night before you go to bed. "This night" seems to imply the whole night including those after midnight hours where most people are asleep.

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