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  1. Demetrick Conyers

    took me like forty tries still work btw

  2. Mike D

    Jesus Christ this is worse than having to get items to open a door in the first Legend of Zelda. You need this, but to get this you need this. Now in order to get that you need to do this to get that so can go there to get that to later get this. Now that you have this you can oh fuck it.

  3. Lightning Gamer

    Do you need the rise of iron?!

  4. FlameFoxKid/Foxkid_13/DarkFoxKid

    What hand cannon is that on 1:00

  5. Cole Dobbins

    It took me about 4 or 5 times

  6. Mckho Carman

    I had ten of these everytime I fight a hallowed knight and ogre and I just dismantle them everytime overall I had maybe 76

  7. bonk brazool

    how to make people run after a piece of shit weapon for months 101

  8. Run Floyd Run

    It took me 1 time to get husk of the pit

  9. gaming beast legand 4

    I did it in 4 try's

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