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  1. stevie Lee

    First of all, you're stupid. Not only are those ghosts not new, I've had them for two months and they dropped at 400, so many problems with this video but too angry to express it. Belluhtrix101 psn

  2. Gears Fanatic

    Whats the armor hes wearing? The colorful wing type stuff on his shoulders boots and mark

  3. Dog Man

    We've been able to get rep boosters for silver dust since the release of Rise of Iron

  4. MIGU3L2K

    Thorn ornaments? more like THORNaments! HEYYOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!…oooohh…oh…

    Edit: So I scrolled down a bit more…sigh…6 Days late for this pun…

  5. Glishy x

    I'd like to see a No Land Beyond ornament giving it a scope. Would be pretty cool

  6. Private Funyuns

    I'll get crucified for saying this, but I think ornaments are the worst thing to come. I can care less on how stylish my gun looks. If anything, maybe Bungie just got lazy and added this for the kiddies to eat this shit up or just to push on the "this is a huge update" command. I'm just waiting for some graffiti skin looking ornament to come in like in CoD. Now that'll be hilarious.

  7. ORedxDawnO

    Rose of acid and Rose of corruption, Its grimoire related Allen (:

  8. colby pace

    What armor is that on his Titan?

  9. [S.O.I] The Katalyst Gamer

    What armor is he wearing?

  10. jorge Castillo

    zen meteor should get one

  11. The AlienArchitect Gamer

    I got those Two archons forge ghosts

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