Eddie Vedder – Guaranteed (Into The Wild)

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17 thoughts on “Eddie Vedder – Guaranteed (Into The Wild)

  1. The Chris's way to be is just who am i, and the lie that im living is the cage from ive to scape to feel really alive

  2. How many of us were made to go to school, had to then choose that College course, at the age of 16/17 you were to know what career was going to be you. Whether you failed or passed you are now only working the Job to pay the man for rent, mortgage, heating and eating? This rock is all we got and it is truly stunning, more should appreciate it but big players have us living lives like livestock and most don't even know they are pawns.
    I don't know the answer on how to quite escape but hit me up if anybody has an idea!
    Anybody want to share a taxi to the moon? lol

  3. I was speechless throughout the entire film. Truly an inspiring, beautiful, mind blowing story.
    Incredible how real and raw it is. Makes me grateful for the good things and happy people in our currently distraught society. Share this movie! Its life changing.

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