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  1. ZachAttack84

    Can this also be used as a regular printer for printing standard text documents like letters, shipping labels, resumes, etc?

  2. Ayuba Dung

    Hi your printer Epson 1430 looks good for my work how much and shipping to Nigeria

  3. Ahmed Usam

    Hey, what will be the setting of the artisan 1430 for heat transfer? I tried to print a cotton tshirt with neenah jpss paper. the edges of the print are not stuck to the t-shirt and after i washed the tshirt, its getting torn. Can you give a good suggestion for this. Im a starter.

  4. Jim

    Hey there, it's pretty informative, thanks! I'm wondering, I have a pretty standard personal use inkjet photo printer. Could it do quality prints if I print the stencil 2 times? Or would between a professional printer and personal one be so important that I'd better go to a printer shop? Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  5. Ivan Ramos

    I have a question do you guys have a video how to setup the setting on the epson 1430. I see all these video how the printer works and my doesnt do the same thing. I'm wondering if I have to change a setting. I got the accurip from you guys. but i also use seperation studio and coreldraw


    What type of ink does it use? Am planning to buy it.

  7. julius jaramillo

    hi there!!! i just wanna ask, how much is it gonna cost for the whole package and ship it here in the Philippines? thnx

  8. Kyle Graham

    Hey Great Video. I wanted to know if i could use this printer to print digital heat transfers. Is this possible and could you recommend paper and ink for this process?

  9. Wampa Bar

    Is this printer good for printing half tones? and do I still need to purchase the accurip to do so?

  10. White Lion Clothing

    can someone please help us with picking out the right printer for our clothing line we need one that printers out with a large width and height please contact us +*****

  11. Greg Cervantez

    Hi good video… im looking for a good printer for screen printing… I think this is the one..but I also may be interested into doing some photography for a hobby or maybe for some professional events like weddings and graduations.. would I be killing 2 birds with one stone purchasing this printer?

  12. Individual Culture

    Heya guys. I have an Artisan 1430 here in New Zealand. If I was to purchase the RIP software should I be able to go straight to work with this?



  13. L Newton

    Does this printer use pigment or dye base ink?  Also – having trouble trying to decide which watercolor paper to buy to print on this 1430 printer. Suggestions?

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