1. Brenda J Cooper

    Studying for certification videos are reinforcement!! veryhelpful

  2. Marcell Gibson

    studying for the excel certification and these videos are helping a lot thanks 

  3. teachthemalltruth

    How do you do the sort for the top 40 sales reps for this video before printing?

  4. Moniqula

    how do I print word art in excel 2010? Work Art and shapes wont print preview or print?

  5. Karim Abdullah

    Iam really grateful &thankful to you wonderful guys

  6. Vicky Gillispie

    This was very helpful.Thanks

  7. adzsayz

    Thank you! That was really simple and easy to understand. Really helped 🙂

  8. Alpha Bah

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, which is what exactly you people have put on the public domain. I am using this site to train people on a daily bassis. Thanks

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