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  1. Lucille Femine

    Is it better to sprout pumpkin seeds? Or just dehydrate them?

  2. tickyul

    Salt raises my BP and makes my stomach irritated.

  3. Sugarwall20666

    Garlic Extract what mg to take and how often?

  4. Sugarwall20666

    Is this what you talking about Chelated Magnesium ?

  5. Patrick k

    Uses the terminology to sell you. He is a salesman.

  6. Patrick k

    Real tired of these snake oil salesmen confusing people so briefly – No evidence of the supplements working, no evidence of wild caught animal flesh working, etc. etc. .

  7. Brad Melnyk

    Great video and yes I find exercise sure has dropped my pressure thanks for the tips.

  8. Sugarwall20666

    Is this the what you was talking about ,SG Golden Alaska Deep Sea 1000 MG Fish Oil Omega-3,6,9 EPA DHA,

  9. Alex Holub

    Long ago research has found that garlic desynchronizes the hemispheres of the brain. If you have ever gotten kind of "spacey" after taking garlic, that is what you're experiencing.

  10. ravindaran t.suppiah

    thanks for your infor

  11. padussia

    This is great. I'm going to try this before my next doctor's appointment to see if I can avoid getting put on the pill. I'm also going to cut out one of my favorite drinks (coffee). That's the only drink I love other thank water. I drink two cups of strong coffee everyday.

  12. ombra306

    how to tell when my nuts are sprouted??

  13. Violet Ho

    My brother is super fat, hope he can eat less and physically fit like Dr Axe

  14. Prit Lucky

    the video is about controlling the disease,not curing it.allopathy medicines do the same finally harm you causing becoming diabetic and other health problems if you want to truely get rid of it search for SWAMI RAMDEV HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ENGLISH VERSION it has worked for me

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