13 thoughts on “How to print color separations out of Adobe Illustrator

  1. Thank you for showing the "printed" files. I've watched several videos on color separation where the video ends without showing what the actual print would look like. I've been manually separating colors into multiple artworks based on spot color, change each spot artwork to black, and then print each artwork. So hearing that I didn't have to do these extra steps, I can just use color separation on one file with all my spot colors, I watch youtube and want to see the actual result to confirm I get the exact same result. So thanks again!

  2. When doing this my printer is not showing up under the ppd. How do you get your printer to show up there?

  3. Thank you for this video. Just did my first printout, without separation but followed the process and it made thing so easy.

  4. the red is not underbase there for it defeats the purpose of having an underlay you would have to hit the red twice

  5. I followed your instructions to change the printer type to Adobe Postscript file, but the out put mode is still greyed out. I can't select it.

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