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  1. Stinky EpicStunt

    Mia u are over rated, ler that sink in

  2. Erick Duncan

    Dude cherry picked the whole game

  3. jeremiah Harris

    Someone better have already sent this to OSN

  4. Bro bro Bro

    they're all a bunch of pussies

  5. Jamarius Elliott

    that nigga Melo was answering fast asf

  6. Lizandro Gonzalez

    "HEY……Check your son's history!"

  7. Musty Waters

    look at that white nigga nose look like that white guy from the cracker box that lives in a tree


    Finally see the coach. Now I see why they play the way they do he's like one of them

  9. John Redcorn

    man I can't imagine how much cats meow these boys getting around campus

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