1. Ava Aubrey


  2. Gracie Andrews

    I love the country taking a horse back ride or hunting, fishing living it everyday all day long. My horse loves it to

  3. CarsonFacePalmer

    Reminds me a lot of Nothin Better To Do by Leann Rimes.

  4. Andy Reeves

    I love Luke Bryant. he's sexy.Stella

  5. Jacqueline Cody

    Next year I am 21 years old can't wait to get buzzed and party!

  6. Goliath Playzz

    love this song and I like the video to

  7. Courtney Peariso

    i love luke bryan.

  8. Eliesha Leterle

    I eliesh leterle is your biggest fan but I can NOT come to your conserts and I have 1 of your disk

  9. Tiffany Kirkpatrick

    I love country Music so many really good ones

  10. Destiny Lalande-Stoddart

    I love this song

  11. Jenna Woollard

    god I love this song MOVE YAASSS

  12. Shenna Cobb

    i cant stop listening to this song

  13. Shenna Cobb

    What i don't. get how dose she bust though both walls

  14. Robert Snyder

    this song is awesome

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