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  1. Klattu

    This movie brought the end to Disco and malls

  2. maccollectorZ (Commenting Account)

    Who wears a suit to Toys R Us? It's 1980, not 1952.

  3. Xaqueer Boo

    These cops remind me of the cops in GTA they will do anything kill anyone just to get u in jail

  4. Hayden Smith

    Now that not how to drive a car in the mall

  5. El Grande

    Needless to say, there were no "take two's" in this scene.

  6. crankylifter

    Like if you've imagined driving through your local mall in the Bluesmobile.

  7. Tim Tom

    So weird that they decide to destroy all the things in the mall except for the one That box the lady threw in the air

  8. Jake Yatta

    Was destroying the stuff behind the glass necessary?

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