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  1. hersheystaste4life

    What is it with Catholics and kids?

  2. Dan Garwood

    shocking that abc is actually reporting on this

  3. Troll Colate

    Catholic priest sure love to eat dead babies

  4. Realstuff Steve

    this f**** place was found by experts? what the f*** this god-damned satanic f**** Vatican f**** freak religion. not talking about your average Catholic talking about every goddamn one who is Catholic every God damn gangster drug dealer they are Catholic the only way they can operate you just go in do your Penance and go back out and continue f**** lawbreaking murdering f**** operation what a f**** wonderful religion where you can just do anything you want just make sure you go to the confessional occasionally f**** stupid f**** religion


    Fuck the catholic Cult !!!!'n
    Fuck the pope !

  6. Lina Tian

    The solution is secularism !!!

  7. Opressive Silence

    The filthy Atheist media caught lying yet again! Long live Jesus's name! Long live the POPE!

  8. don bob

    Churches get away with murder everyday, plus they rape the children.
    I'm not surprised at all, and law enforcement helps them get away with their crimes!

  9. rick payne

    Sodomized and murdered by priests and nuns

  10. Leslie Rayno

    did they show signs of cannibalism…not uncommon when it comes to them

  11. Steven Burns

    oh my, please say it ain't so, please tell us this is fake news, I want this to be fake news…..
    Dear God in Heaven, what has mankind become?? Barbarian's…. Mankind, what a wasteland. Can't wait to see how Pope Frances, handles this one……. Whatta ya say POPE, I'm sure if this is true, every monastery in the world will be dug up? I don't wanna know, help us Jesus I pray…..

  12. Mikayla F

    these would be fetuses that nuns discarded too!
    its well know the evil history of the catholic church.

  13. aa5a9ak

    These are probably children that died during the Great Famine. The British Monarchy let the entire country of Ireland starve while there was plenty of food to feed everyone.

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