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  1. Evan Vance

    There may come a day if we want our jobs we will have to stand up and destroy this stuff lol and tell companies they have to hire people or else they can't have any business.

  2. Evan Vance

    I just saw an article about companies marketing this experience to consumers to make it seem normal, but it's a way of cutting staff up to 50% so jobs are going down the tubes. Some people blame the people asking $15 dollars an hour but truth it is people making anything an hour. Wendy's is going to supply automation to it's 6000 stores by the end of 2016 to any franchise operator that wants the cost savings technology

  3. Kristyn Burke

    If I ordered on my phone it would be even more convenient… are you serious? Jesus, that kid must be lazy as all hell..perfect example of why younger people are less polite than ever before. The expectation is that everything should be so easy and fast because people like that douche bag feel so entitled. I can't imagine anyone who isn't a lazy, brain dead imbecile would say that in regards to a new accommodation such as this, which seems unnecessary in the first place

  4. WorldRecordvideos

    Can i get fat free cheese on my burger?

  5. KeakerZshortVideo Channel

    Go eat at In N Out where the workers their make ten bucks a hour and up but people in this video are the reason why this country is going to shit. Thanks to us the people.

  6. KeakerZshortVideo Channel

    People in this country are killing the world its sick to see. And they want to make 15 bucks a hour keep dreaming people. This is why the world and people are poor and want to just end life.

  7. Leo Theo

    Higher wages/greater incentives + complete and productive staff = quick, accurate, and friendly service. Some people fear this type of addition, but this can be made possible without the 5-7 minute wait. It's just about making it work and finding those ways to make it work. Employees need to feel excited about the job they do and continue to grow along the way. Mcdonalds has already established a name for itself. Heck people these days will connect burgers, chicken sandwiches, and nuggets with Mc without giving it second though. If I can get my custom built sandwich in a small amount of time with an overall high quality experience then I would be a happy repeat customer! Take notes big guys.

  8. caztle05

    Also, at 03:30, why is the meal placed on top of the receipt or ticket? What the heck is the sandwich doing sitting on top of a piece of paper that is used as a receipt and not used for wrapping a meal? I ask, what the heck is going on over there at McDonalds? Is this their idea of good service?

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