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SHOWDOWN: Elizabeth Warren GRILLS Betsy Devos For Secretary Of Education

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  1. Regina M says:

    Elizabeth Warren is a jackass. Show respect please !!!!

  2. Ian Tufts says:

    warren is a punk. that guy just gave devos a line of questioning which was not only rude but useless. pocahontas leveraged pressure and timing to fluster and disorientate devos. just really tacky and slimy; typical of pocahontas. she has nothing useful so she intimidates with bs. its redic

  3. plank says:

    That's ma girl!!

  4. nearlydone says:

    When Betsy Devos gives Tax Money to Religious Schools, in violation of the separation of church and state. I will object, call the ACLU and have them file a law suit as me as the Complainant as a tax payer .

  5. Scott M says:

    All that money and she can't afford some decent eyebrows.

  6. kwsrchoudhury says:

    What do Trump supporters think about this?

  7. Paul Jones says:

    Warren is such a sour old cat lady. At least Devos still has the ability to smile. If she triggers libtards then she must be the perfect choice.

  8. OS1540 says:

    i can just sense her insincerity…look at that cocky smile. do you really think she cares about quality education for minorities and low income kids?

  9. No Brain No Gain says:

    Hillary was so qualified. She made her own email account and deleted them.

  10. overtcovert says:

    Warren is a WITCH! She is a swindler and a Clinton CROOK!

  11. MV AH says:

    She is a puppet for Trump. If she is confirmed who knows where all that education money will go. Most likely not for education.

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