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  1. Regina M

    Elizabeth Warren is a jackass. Show respect please !!!!

  2. Ian Tufts

    warren is a punk. that guy just gave devos a line of questioning which was not only rude but useless. pocahontas leveraged pressure and timing to fluster and disorientate devos. just really tacky and slimy; typical of pocahontas. she has nothing useful so she intimidates with bs. its redic

  3. nearlydone

    When Betsy Devos gives Tax Money to Religious Schools, in violation of the separation of church and state. I will object, call the ACLU and have them file a law suit as me as the Complainant as a tax payer .

  4. Scott M

    All that money and she can't afford some decent eyebrows.

  5. kwsrchoudhury

    What do Trump supporters think about this?

  6. Paul Jones

    Warren is such a sour old cat lady. At least Devos still has the ability to smile. If she triggers libtards then she must be the perfect choice.

  7. OS1540

    i can just sense her insincerity…look at that cocky smile. do you really think she cares about quality education for minorities and low income kids?

  8. No Brain No Gain

    Hillary was so qualified. She made her own email account and deleted them.

  9. overtcovert

    Warren is a WITCH! She is a swindler and a Clinton CROOK!

  10. MV AH

    She is a puppet for Trump. If she is confirmed who knows where all that education money will go. Most likely not for education.

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