20 thoughts on “Spray Mounting Posters

  1. This is a great video. You really make me feel like you've been there and are trying to save me some time, and who doesn't appreciate that! About to try this out for the VR Production company I work at. Thank you very much for the advice 🙂

  2. First time mounter and it came out great!! I just hope it holds!! I used some loc-tite poster mounting spay… Thanks

  3. 3M has come out with a NEW General Purpose 45 spray can label. It is basically white with black print. Does anyone know if this is only a label change, or has the glue contents changed also. I have a fairly pricey 60×20 poster that I want to glue to a poster board and will only have one shot to get it right. Plan to follow your tutorial to the letter.

  4. Great video. Now I am sure I can complete my poster project. Thanks for taking the time to show us your method.

  5. Thank you for putting together such a detailed tutorial. I just used your methods with Excellent results!

  6. thank you for your patients in finding the best way to complete this task.. I'm going to try your method for making my mother in law a Christmas present. .. she's hard to buy for so I make hers ..

  7. I realize this was published three years ago, but I'm hoping the author, or someone who knows the answer, will get this. I have two pieces printed as banners (not posters) by Staples. The resulting surface is plastic, not paper. Do you know if the 3M general purpose adhesive 45 works on this type of material?

  8. can you take come off after spraying? like over a while if put it straight on the wall can I take it off later?

  9. This worked out great for me! First time I watched a video and used the specific technique shown. Thank you for the time you took to spread your knowledge.

  10. Thank you for going to the trouble to make this video, and helping me avoid the mistakes I surely would have made trying to mount a large map.

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