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  1. Fact Picks

    Omg!! very risky railway…

  2. James Manning

    Oh wow that's just crazy!

  3. Chris Rinaldi

    What I wanna know is what fuckin idiot built this track like this on purpose??? OR they are just that retarded to not realize the terrible job they did.

  4. اعشق المعلومات

    هههههه هاذا حجلة مو قطار

  5. اعشق المعلومات

    هذ سكك قوية (:

  6. tomo momo

    ヽ〔゚Д゚〕丿スゴイ まるでオフロード走行してるみたいです。 これだけ複雑なレールを、敷く技術もヽ〔゚Д゚〕丿スゴイ

  7. Clorox Bleach

    Imagine a bullet train going through this…

  8. Margarete Lazarusbnfhjgjffjgmgjcgmnn

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    bgfnngbbbbbbbhbb nghnhhngun
    ng hnf gngnfnfnhhng g gh h gbhh
    ngnfnnyynfnntunjtnnyunynynhnghb gh ng h ng h nfgBgnc. gbhh bf

  9. BloxyTV - Roblox TV Studios

    first one welcomes you on great journey!

  10. 고자

    저게 ㅅㅂ기찾길이냐 ㅋㅋ

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